Clinical information at your fingertips

Healthcare professionals are constantly segmenting what is important and urgent when it comes to reviewing patient data. But due to the volumes and different types of patient data they are presented with on a daily basis, they can be overloaded and have difficulty segmenting. This can lead to mistakes and can lead to clinician cognitive burnout.

So is there a way to reduce clinician burnout, decrease clinical errors and significantly improve patient satisfaction? There is a better way, introducing Orion Health’s Clinical Portal.

Orion Health’s Clinical Portal is a solution to the problems faced by clinicians, who have thousands of critical patient health facts at their fingertips. It provides clinicians with tools to support patient care by integrating existing disparate information systems, providing a single view of all patient data.

The Clinical Portal user experience is designed to reduce clinician cognitive load and reduce clinician burnout by providing a simple, intuitive, and streamlined user experience.

Benefits of Clinical Portal

Features of Clinical Portal

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