As part of your Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) and Local Digital Roadmap (LDR), Orion Health’s technology can help you to deliver the recommendations laid out in the Five Year Forward View and the Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework.

Hundreds of thousands of clinicians in more than 30 countries use our healthcare information technology solutions every day to improve clinical workflow, decision-making and patient care for more than 110 million patients in our award-winning systems. Our current customers include Clinical Commissioning Groups in Bristol, Camden and Tower Hamlets, and we have award-winning projects in Northern Ireland and Bristol.

Achieving the recommendations laid out in the Five Year Forward View and the Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework relies on the commissioning of enabling IT solutions. Selecting these, whilst ensuring the best value for taxpayers, is a huge responsibility. Orion Health’s 15 years of proven success in supporting and delivering value-for-money for organisations in the UK means that you can trust us to deliver on the journey from fragmented to integrated care. Our capabilities include data integration, fully interoperable integrated digital health records (IDCRs), patient portals, shared care planning, healthcare pathways, medicines management and more.

Orion Health’s open healthcare platform not only provides the functionality you need today, but is also poised to meet the needs of tomorrow. In support of interoperability, it enables third parties to innovate using application programming interfaces (APIs). The platform has the ability to handle huge amounts of data, using technologies such as Cassandra™, Spark™, and Elasticsearch™ used by data giants including Facebook and Apple. We are currently spending around three times the industry average on research and development into areas such as machine learning. This data capability and commitment to cutting edge research means that when the present challenge around Population Health is met, we can progress to Precision Medicine.

E-health is not just a box ticking exercise, it’s about empowering care providers to deliver the best patient care possible through the 7 A’s for Precision Medicine: Acquiring, Aggregating, Analysing, Accessing, Acting upon and Adapting according to health and social data.

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Orion Health award wins

Orion Health and our customers have won a number of awards over the past two years including; the Tech Excellence Awards, ehi Awards & the Frost & Sullivan Awards.

The Canterbury DHB Story | Dr Nigel Millar

Benefits for Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • I’m amazed it has taken so long for the NHS to do this. I recently attended the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency department; when I went to my GP the next day he was able to get all the information he needed in Connect Care (integrated digital care record provided by Orion Health to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust).



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