The NHS ambition to shift some services away from acute and primary care settings and in to the community means that the role of community pharmacy in patient care is expanding. No longer solely a place to pick up prescriptions, community pharmacies are already taking on additional services for example flu jabs, travel vaccinations, medicine use reviews and more. The NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework 2019-2024 sets out that it is the ambition to further expand on these services, with community pharmacies continuing to grow the contribution they are making to the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. 

Community pharmacies have a bright future as an integral part of the NHS, delivering clinical services as a full partner in local primary care networks, supported by the proper funding. Good news for patients, who will enjoy more convenient access to certain healthcare services. Good news for the NHS, as this model tackles the shortage of primary care clinicians and services are often able to be delivered at a lower cost. 

Given this expanding relationship with patients, community pharmacies need access to patient information and engagement solutions to effectively deliver services.  

Products to support pharmacy services expansion:


Expand pharmacy capabilities – To expand services effectively, pharmacies need to employ digital tools to support their delivery. By ensuring that your pharmacists have access to the appropriate patient information, medications information and methods of continuously engaging with patients, you can ensure that services are delivered most efficiently and at best quality.

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