Pressures in the United Kingdom and Ireland healthcare landscape are driving a fundamental shift in government investment, and an increased focus on integrated health and social care.

For providers, these changes present new challenges on how to work together in new ways, proactively engage individuals in managing their own health and ultimately deliver a better patient experience.

Innovative thinking, flexibility, and new care delivery models are needed to enable better care of individuals while balancing the health demands of a population. Add to this the ability to deliver Precision Medicine, identifying the treatment strategies and treatments perfect for each individual according to their own unique factors.

Orion Health streamlines the patient journey, providing the tools clinicians and caregivers need to improve the quality of care and clinical outcomes both within the hospital and across the entire community. We’ve been delivering integrated care solutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland for over 15 years, with an estimated 20 million individual patient records flowing through our technology, and over 120,000 end users.

We enable healthcare providers to reduce duplication, save time and improve patient safety, through faster, more accurate and more efficient sharing of clinical information, while our tailored health and wellness plans encourage individuals to engage in their own healthcare.

Our Amadeus platform serves the healthcare continuum, enabling the management of a population's health today, and future proofing organisations to deliver Precision Medicine as and when they are ready.

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