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The size, scale and breadth of the NHS means that the landscape when it comes to patient data is complex. A huge range of digital solutions are used to enable the best and most efficient care delivery, rightly so given the diversity of organisations, populations and conditions covered. In terms of technology, it’s crucial that patient data is able to flow between systems so that the right information is available to the right people for the purposes of direct care and patient engagement. As we move towards population health management and from reactive to proactive care, availability of patient data for analysis is key.
For data to flow across health and care it adhere must adhere to data standards. Orion Health’s shared care record platform is built on HL7 FHIR. We are partnered with the Professional Records Standards Body and are working towards accreditation for their standards including About Me and the Core Information Standard. Ben Wilson, Product Solution Director at Orion Health sits on the board of INTEROPen and is part of techUK's Interoperability Working Group. Our position at the forefront of standards development in the UK means that our solutions are built interoperability-first and our customers benefit from robust guidance in this complex area.
In support of interoperability, Orion Health’s open APIs allow you to make connections between your shared care record and other systems, and even for new applications to be built on top by third parties. Alongside Connecting Care and Cyber Media, we were the first in the country to implement the Care Connect API jointly developed between NHS Digital and INTEROPen.



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