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There is a huge increase in the amount and sources of data available in the world of healthcare. This puts huge demands on health information integration professionals in terms of not only storage and access, but also presenting the most relevant insights to clinicians and care givers. 

To truly build a healthcare system that can evolve at the rapid pace of technology and science, organisations must tackle interoperability head on. Many factors are driving change and the need for healthcare organisations to share information: consumers are demanding access to their own health information; burgeoning health costs are driving incentives to integrate care across different health and care organisations; and technological advancements in web and mobile applications are opening up opportunities.

Our Amadeus platform can aggregate all types of health data, from both traditional and non-traditional sources. This highly scalable platform is built on modern technology and the latest FHIR standards for interoperability, to allow for data to flow between vendor systems and organisations. If you need to unlock your data for population health and precision health, FHIR is a prerequisite. Amadeus supports the requirement set out on the NHS Long Term Plan for data to be interoperable and accessible.

Our open APIs allow you to make connections with other systems, and even for new applications to be built on top of the Orion Health Amadeus platform. Visit our API page for more information. Alongside Connecting Care and Cyber Media, we were the first in the country to implement the Care Connect API jointly developed between NHS Digital and INTEROPen.

In line with our commitment to interoperability, Orion Health is a founding member and supporter of INTEROPen; an open collaboration of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers. These individuals work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.



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