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Shared care records are key to the efficient delivery of safe and effective care, and the foundation for population health. Orion Health has been working with the NHS and social care on the delivery of shared care records for more than 20 years. Built on the latest technology and to standards including HL7’s FHIR and PRSB’s Core Information Standard, Orion Health’s shared care record solution is fully interoperable and thoroughly tried and tested. 

Implementing a shared care record for your health and care economy will enable you to:

  • Save time and increase efficiency for clinicians and care givers through easy access to relevant patient information
  • Speed and smooth transfers of care with a patient’s information accessible and actionable across care settings
  • Improve patient experience with reduced need to repeat information
  • Reduce emergency admissions and duplicate tests
  • Improve medication safety with access to GP prescribing and allergies for pharmacists and anaesthetists

Building a shared care record is a journey. Orion Health can guide you through from integrating the first sources of citizen data, enriching the record over time and then to adding capabilities for care coordination, patient engagement, medicines management and population health management.

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