Integrated Digital Care Record

Orion Health's IDCR provides seamless data integration and visualisation. This enables you to move away from paper records, which can only be stored in one place and viewed by one person at a time.

Integrated Digital Care Records
Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Reduce duplication, save time and improve patient safety, through faster, more accurate and efficient sharing of clinical information, effectively managing patient flow across the hospital and into the community.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

As part of your Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) and Local Digital Roadmap (LDR), Orion Health’s technology can help you to deliver the recommendations laid out in the Five Year Forward View and the Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework.

Clinical Commissioning Groups


Orion Health is focused on delivering the tools to support implementers with their interoperability challenges. Our Open APIs have a number of benefits, meeting industry standards and enabling new applications to be built on top of the Orion Health Amadeus platform.

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Population Health Management

From the collection of data, to comprehensive analytics and measurement tools, care management and patient engagement – Orion Health’s Healthier Populations will provide you with one single solution to future proof you for all your Population Health Management needs.


We help improve the selection process of patient cohorts to run less expensive trials that are more targeted towards the population they will serve.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
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Retail Pharmacies

Connect siloed information systems and aggregate clinical, claims, device, genomic, and patient-generated data into a scalable, smart data platform.

Precision Medicine

At Orion Health, we’re on a mission to make precision medicine a reality worldwide. We have launched Amadeus, a precision medicine platform built on modern, open technology that will provide clinicians with the cognitive support they need to make the best decisions possible. 

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