Orion Health is proud to offer Rhapsody as a strategic partner

The foundation for many health systems, Rhapsody integrates data from devices, systems, facilities and organizations. Rhapsody is a proven, high-performing interoperability platform built for healthcare with HL7® FHIR® capabilities for robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of health data. Rhapsody's intelligent monitoring and maintenance capability is built-in for simple and proactive maintenance of its integration engine.

Utilizing AWS as a cloud provider.png

Rhapsody in the cloud

Rhapsody is also available as a simple out of the box cloud-hosted solution. Rhapsody as a Service (RaaS) provides all of Rhapsody's powerful features in a cloud environment, achieving rapid and scalable interoperability with a greater level of responsiveness and agility.

Interested in learning more about Rhapsody and RaaS?

Orion Health and Rhapsody work closely together to serve healthcare customers, around the world. If you are a current Orion Health customer, please reach out to your account manager for any questions or contact an expert at the link below.