Watch this webinar and examine how Catholic Health Initiatives manages an enterprise integration engine for the nation’s third-largest nonprofit health system.

With 102 hospitals, multiple inpatient and outpatient facilities, and hundreds of service providers in 19 different states, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is the nation’s second-largest Catholic healthcare system. CHI replaced 9 end-of-life integration engines across the organization in record time with an enterprise solution capable of meeting all requirements across their three HIS/EMR platforms.

We chatted with Michael Wallace, Director Meditech/Enterprise Application Integration at CHI, and with Orion Health’s Vice President of Intelligent Integration, Harish Panchal, about the importance of implementing an enterprise integration to achieve large-scale interoperability in extremely complex environments. 

In this webinar, we explained:

  • How to make sure your engine has the technical components of integration fully covered for a complex environment (e.g., 50,000,000 messages a day)
  • How to choose a platform that allows faster, better, and cheaper development, brings consistency, and future-proofs your organization with real-time data and the latest standards (e.g., FHIR)
  • How to leverage an enterprise engine, investment, staff, Disaster Recovery, and data

Featured Speakers:

Michael Wallace – Director CORE Clinical Platforms/Enterprise Application Integration, Catholic Health Initiatives 

Michael Wallace has been involved with healthcare application and integration technology for over thirty years. Michael directed the successful migration of 4,000 interfaces from 9 separate end-of-life integration engines to Rhapsody over an 18-month period as well as multiple other integration engines from acquisitions over to Rhapsody.

Harish Panchal – Vice President, Intelligent Integration, Orion Health

Harish has over 15 years of experience in healthcare integration technology. Harish oversees Orion Health Intelligent Integration line of business across the U.S. and provides leadership and guidance in key markets: Provider, OEM, Government/Public Health and Partners. His focus also includes providing support to other regions globally.