Despite the initiatives by health ministries of various nations, industry organisations such as HIMSS and the Joint Commission and healthcare advances, many healthcare providers have been held back by conflicting information, competing products and limited IT budgets.


It is important to understand the meaning of Hospital Information System (HIS) and distinguish it from various concurrent initiatives to bring healthcare information into the electronic age.

At least two other related terms – Legal Health Record (LHR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) – have also been widely adopted, and despite some misinformation to the contrary, these terms are not interchangeable with EMR.

Benefits of HIS

A well designed HIS system can enable many notable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare facilities. The key distinguishing factor with a HIS is a patient centric approach and strategic focus on achieving a greater level of automation in patient lifecycle management. In this paper, we will examine the impact of hospital automation on a typical patient journey that will give us a real-time insight into the value of automating a hospital.

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