Accountable Care Organisations. Groups of United States Providers contracted by the United States federal government to improve care coordination for a patient population, with their reimbursement tied to quality metrics and reductions in the total cost of care for an assigned population.


Encompasses national federal, state and regional healthcare bodies as well as regional health boards and regulatory bodies.


The healthcare information technology industry.


Health Information Exchanges. The term can refer to the technology or an organisation using the technology. The technology enables aggregation and secure exchange of electronic clinical information between a combination of Providers, Payers, Governments and ACOs. Outside the United States, these are commonly referred to as an Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Health insurance companies.

Population Health Management

The concept of using HCIT to unify health data so that health professionals can deliver more effective, precise healthcare, keeping people healthier and out of the health system.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an emerging model of healthcare that combines all information unique to an individual to identify prevention and treatment strategies which will be effective for them based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.


Public and private parties that provide healthcare services, e.g., hospital networks, GPs and specialists.