Orion Health Launches Rhapsody Version 6.2

Auckland, New Zealand - Orion Health™, a leading population health management and healthcare integration company, today announced the release of Rhapsody™ Integration Engine Version 6.2. The new version of Rhapsody delivers a number of customer focused innovations to help users work smarter. Plus, it builds on the FHIR capabilities introduced in Rhapsody 6.1, the first integration engine to implement the new HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard. Rhapsody 6.2 provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify complex healthcare interoperability these include:

  • The Dashboard has been enhanced to provide at-a-glance monitoring via multiple channels such as tablet, smart phone, and monitor. Key health indicators are clearly displayed, showing the health of all Rhapsody environments.
  • The Management Console has been improved, with new features to help customers monitor and maintain a healthy Rhapsody deployment. Searching, browsing and navigating for information is now faster and easier.
  • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has been upgraded to Java 8 across all Rhapsody components for all supported platforms, achieving an estimated 15% improvement in performance.
  • A number of additional updates address usability enhancements making this a compelling release overall.
  • This is a long term supported release, Rhapsody 6.2 will be supported for a number of years into the future.
  • Builds on the FHIR capabilities introduced in Rhapsody 6.1. JSON and HTTP Rest support within Rhapsody routes, enabling organizations to use these generically, and to start implementing FHIR-based interfaces

“FHIR is one of the next generation HL7 standards in healthcare data integration, and it is sparking innovation in health information sharing. It is focused on decreasing interoperability costs and unlocking software innovation in healthcare. We are proud to be helping to lead the industry with the first-ever integration engine support for this groundbreaking new standard,” said Dr. David Hay, Medical Doctor, chair of HL7 New Zealand, co-chair FHIR Management Group and Product Strategist at Orion Health.

“In addition to FHIR support, our work on this latest version of Rhapsody 6.2, has focused on delivering tools to support the implementers in healthcare organizations who are constantly challenged to bring together data from more systems, devices, facilities and organizations every day. Rhapsody 6.2 enables users to work smarter by providing simplified and streamlined workflows which reduce the time spent with ongoing monitoring and maintenance,” said David Leach SVP Intelligent Integration, Orion Health. “We are seeing a huge increase in the amount and source of data as such genomics and personal health collection devices become more prevalent. This puts huge demands on health information integration professionals and Orion Health is committed to ensuring they have the tools, to enable their organizations to have robust access to accurate and comprehensive data”.

Orion Health is proud to be helping lead the industry with healthcare focused software introducing FHIR capabilities. For Orion Health, FHIR is enabling smarter exchange and acquisition of data, mobility and new types of connected solutions. We are developing FHIR expertise among our people and can also guide our customers on their integration and interoperability journey. Orion Health is committed to FHIR as leaders in healthcare integration and interoperability. 

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