Today, we are grateful…and proud. Let me explain.

This week, Scottsdale Healthcare Partners (SHP), our customer and the only MSSP ACO in Arizona to have earned a performance payment in 2014, completed the deployment of the Orion Health HIE and MSSP Management solutions. Both are now live in production. The Orion Health MSSP Management solution helps ACOs gain the maximum shared savings available from the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

“After a very long but successful weekend we are now LIVE! Congratulations and thanks to the Orion Health team for working around the clock this weekend to get this accomplished. After some testing…[the Orion Health solution] looks beautiful, with just a few minor issues that will be resolved in the upcoming week. Once again, congratulations and THANK YOU!” — Tracey Schalscha, SHP Clinical Informaticist for Quality and Accountable Care

This was the result of hard work on the part of both the SHP and Orion Health teams.

A big thank you to Scottsdale Health Partners for helping our MSSP Management Application to advance to the next level of efficiency.

Orion Health is proud to be part of SHP’s innovative approach to accountable care management. Together, we’ve deployed a solution that addresses the daily challenges of running an ACO, featuring technology that aligns with the ACO’s operational needs.

So why so proud? Because this is not just any rollout. This has positive implications for all ACOs.

ACOs can achieve great adoption if the technology resonates with clinical and administrative users. Working with SHP helped us seamlessly integrate analytics into the reporting and monitoring workflows of all user types. These actions make ACO compliance and reporting requirements easier to achieve, and ensure that outdated insights coming from traditional analytics dashboards are avoided.

“It is absolutely amazing compared to last year’s process. The February MSSP Management application upgrade will make it even better.” — Franklin Raymundo, Practice Manager for HonorHealth, an independent healthcare provider participating in the MSSP ACO formed by SHP

To bring value to ACOs, analytics should be real-time and integrated into the users’ workflow. With real-time data aggregation, analytic insights can surface elegantly into the daily workflow to streamline operational tasks. For SHP—and now for all ACOs—this is reality.

Thank you SHP! We appreciate and value your business, as well as our partnership. See how SHP benefited from our solution in this short video. You can also see a demo of the MSSP Management app below.