Fred Bazzoli wrote this month for about how the American Heart Association (AHA)—via its Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine—is “striking out on an ambitious plan to use big data analytics, data mining and the cloud to enable the use of precision medicine to treat cardiovascular disease.” To support this effort, the AHA recently teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“However,” wrote Bazzoli, “it’s not an exclusive relationship, and the Institute would be open to using other cloud services, such as those offered by Microsoft or Google, to promote data sharing on the scale it’s envisioning.”

Some expectations for the AHA/AWS partnership include:

  1. The creation of an opportunity for the “AHA to grab a toehold in cloud-based research while determining how it will conduct such efforts in the future”
  2. The fostering of a synergy informed by AWS’s technological prowess and the AHA’s “scientific and convener roles”
  3. The use of AWS’s scalable capacity to “assist research efforts on heart disease”
  4. The redemption of some “$2.6 million in technology credits from AWS” that “can be used by grant recipients for free access to AWS services, which can include computational storage and analysis on its cloud”

Additionally, the article noted a few of the “recent grants announced in conjunction with the Amazon AWS partnership,” which include funds for data mining, methods validation, and innovative development, the latter of which “will focus on developing tools that enrich the ability to identify novel approaches and/or tools to analyze data.”

Read the full article here.

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