HIMSS18 Agenda Sessions

Learn how Orion Health customers and thought-leaders are using our technology in the following conference sessions:

Planning Your Cloud Journey*
Featuring: Steve Crusenberry, SVP, SaaS Product and Cloud Operations, Orion Health
March 5, 9:45 - 10:10 AM PST
Location: Las Vegas – Wynn Hotel
As you plan your journey to the cloud, always keep in mind that it is a multi-pronged, iterative process that takes time, planning, and patience - and with good reason. The cloud disrupts the way IT is delivered and consumed. So as you move to the cloud, it’s important that you take time to scrutinize and rethink the way IT operates in your organization, all with the ultimate goal of enabling strategic objectives. In this session, IT veteran Steve Crusenberry, who has guided dozens of healthcare organizations to the cloud, outlines and explains the three stages of planning your journey to the cloud. They are:

  • Evaluate your success criteria: What do you want to accomplish related to cost savings, technology agility, and enhanced organization capabilities?
  • Understand your capability: Do you have the necessary experience on staff? What’s the status of your existing technology contracts? What’s already virtualized? What resources can you devote to the journey? Etc.
  • Identify timing and approach: When should you start new initiatives in the cloud? How do you get executive buy-in for the duration of the project? Do you start with a one-cloud or multi-cloud approach?

Steve’s approach will provide a practical guide for attendees as they plan their own journey to the cloud.
*part of the HIMSS Cloud Computing Forum 2018, a pre-conference sponsored by AWS. 

Empowering Data-Driven Health
Featuring: Kevin Ross, PhD, General Manager, Precision Driven Health
March 7, 8:30 - 09:30 AM PST
Location: Palazzo D
While the healthcare sector is being transformed by the ability to record massive amounts of information about patients, the enormous volume of data being collected is impossible for human beings to analyze. Machine learning provides a way to automatically find patterns and reason about data, which in turn enables healthcare professionals to practice personalized care. There are two things required for the successful application of machine learning in healthcare – intelligent algorithms and rich data sets. Dr. Kevin Ross will share findings from a ground-breaking public-private initiative known as Precision Driven Health, which has commissioned dozens of research projects that are examining how machine learning can be applied to healthcare. By combining the digital health records of a nation with academic expertise (the statistical language R was invented at the University of Auckland) the initiative is creating data-driven healthcare solutions that will benefit global healthcare.

Shared Savings Power Tools: An ACO-Focused App and Open HIE
Featuring: Faron Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Innovation Care Partners & Dr. James Whitefill, Chief Medical Officer, Innovation Care Partners
March 7, 10 – 11 AM PST
Location: Delfino 4004
Only a minority of the ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) are meeting the quality performance standards and generating savings above their minimum savings rate. This low success rate may be due in part to the complex data gathering and analytics necessary to meet the MSSP’s compliance and reporting requirements. Leaders from Innovation Care Partners (ICP), a physician-led clinical integration network and ACO, will discuss how they have surpassed expectations and are achieving maximum shared savings by leveraging innovative technology solutions. Their approach addresses major hurdles with reporting, data gathering, and informatics encountered during their first year of participation. ICP made ACO compliance and reporting requirements easier to achieve by leveraging its open health information exchange (HIE) platform and a customized ACO-focused application to seamlessly integrate analytics into reporting and monitoring workflows.

A FHIR-Enabled Ecosystem for Health Information Sharing
Featuring: David Hay, MD, Product Strategist, Orion Health
March 8, 4:00 – 5:00 PM PST
Location: Murano 3301
Creating a FHIR enabled ecosystem for health information sharing. While it’s important for healthcare providers to have patient information available when delivering care, a lot of the information that gets collected is effectively ‘locked’ up in digital silos at the location it was captured. Making this data more available (where appropriate) could vastly improve the quality and the convenience of health and wellness in several ways: Assisting care deliverers so they have the information they need when making clinical decisions. Enabling Clinical Decision Support systems to apply clinical reasoning algorithms. Ensuring anonymised use in population-based analytics. If we can make this information more widely available in a secure ecosystem of information and services, then we’ll enable innovation similar to what has been seen in other domains like finance and travel. This presentation will discuss how HL7 FHIR – and related standards – can make this happen.