HIMSS19 Agenda Session

Learn how Orion Health customers and thought-leaders are using our technology in the following conference sessions:

Machine Learning over our growing electronic health records
Featuring: Dr. Kevin Ross, General Manager, Precision Driven Health
February 13, 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Location: W308A
Precision health involves utilizing all we know about an individual, not treating everyone as an average patient. Delivering more personalized care requires tools that collect and make sense of a range of data to allow for targeted, precise treatment. Humans cannot possibly hope to be able to connect all we know in health today with all that is known about a patient, process his information and provide advice to a patient in a 15-minute consultation. Machine learning, and particularly deep learning, has proven to be helpful for high-intensity modeling of health data. This involves processing a large volume and variety of data to uncover patterns at both an individual level and a population level. Precision Driven Health’s research is harnessing New Zealand’s unique combination of linked electronic healthcare data and world-class research capability to enable the development of data-driven solutions that can be applied globally.