“It’s all about the data,” answered Jonathan Perlin, M.D., chief medical officer of Hospital Corporation of America, when called on this week to describe which healthcare subjects he would ask the U.S. president to focus on. 

According to an article by David Raths for healthcare-informatics.com, Perlin suggested that three themes would emerge:

  1. A data strategy for a learning health system. Perlin noted that now that the vast majority of hospitals and physicians use computers, a great deal of valuable “data exhaust” is being yielded that isn’t being fully taken advantage of. “That data exhaust,” wrote Raths, “in the form of structured data could be fed back into the system to spur discovery, knowledge and better population health management.”
  1. Interoperability. The CMO cited the emerging FHIR (Fast Health Interoperabilty Resources) standard as an upcoming opportunity for providers to “get data that are extremely granular so they are available to research and discovery. And the patient can be enfranchised as part of that data equation in that virtuous loop.”
  1. Cybersecurity. Perlin believes its essential to share knowledge about threats and how to safeguard against them, and he cautioned that “policies might need to protect those organizations that meet all of the requirements but still may be subject to the action of a state actor.”

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