The Integrated Assesment Record is a province-wide solution, which allows assessment information to follow clients/patients as they move from one health service provider to another. A key to the success of this project was the collaborative work on behalf of the IAR team and Orion Health in creating a secure foundation for sharing of assessment data, from planning to deployment and follow up.

Through their combined efforts, the project was the frst in Canada to extend electronic sharing of assessment information to the community care sector.

The Process

An important technology foundation for the IAR project was the confguration of the province’s existing platform for uploading assessment data into the IAR solution and creation of a viewing portal for secure access by authorized healthcare providers. Part of the IAR project’s mandate was the installation and hosting of the IAR solution in central repositories at three Health Information Network Provider (HINP) locations in Ontario.

This approach was needed in order to address some unique communications challenges faced by the community care sector. Assessment information is maintained in silos across the community care sector. The goal was to frst standardize assessment data, and then bring all that information to a central location—a process that would require a powerful integration engine. That technology would also have to be configurable to meet the functional requirements of the project, while supporting all the privacy and security features required. 

A safe, secure and accurate method of viewing client information was another essential foundation for assessment sharing. A secure clinical viewer was necessary to support collaborative care planning and service delivery, regardless of where a person receives services.

Anticipated benefts from the project included:

  • Enabling assessment information to follow clients as they moved from one health service provider to another
  • Improving quality and reliability of information sharing
  • Ensuring a secure exchange of personal health information
  • Enabling collaborative, coordinated community-based care planning for health service providers and Local Health Integration Networks

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