FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is one of the next generation HL7 standards in healthcare data integration and is focused on decreasing interoperability costs and unlocking technical innovation in healthcare.

This webinar discusses how FHIR has originated, where it's going, and what some of the challenges are before it becomes a ratified standard.

For Orion Health, FHIR is enabling smarter exchange and acquisition of data, mobility, and new types of connected solutions.

Orion Health is proud to be helping lead the industry with healthcare focused software introducing FHIR capabilities.

If you want to learn more about FHIR and how it is sparking innovation in health information sharing and how it can benefit clinicians, healthcare executives and informed patients. The webinar is now available on demand here.

Featured Speakers:

Dr David Hay - Medical Doctor, chair of HL7 New Zealand, co-chair FHIR Management Group, Product Strategist at Orion Health

Grahame Grieve - FHIR Project Lead, Health Intersections

David Leach - SVP Intelligent Integration, Orion Health

The webinar is free to view, and has a total running time of approx. 60 minutes.