Watch this webinar and examine foundational interoperability and the value of actionable longitudinal patient records - the cornerstone of a successful population health strategy.

This webinar gives you an inside look at how North Dakota HIN (NDHIN), a leading healthcare institution paramount in the fight on some of population health’s biggest challenges, has succeeded in building a flexible and scalable technical foundation for the population health initiatives of its participating providers.

We chat with North Dakota HIN Information Technology Director, Sheldon Wolf, and Orion Health’s Vice President of Healthier Populations, Suzanne Cogan, about new deep data and the technology foundation in place to deploy pop health applications and services for care management and coordination as well as transition of care. We also take a look at how upcoming integrated real-time analytics will quickly replace cumbersome reporting spreadsheets, home-grown tools and a mixture of siloed applications.

The North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN), is dedicated to improving healthcare by creating a secure, medical record sharing network for providers and consumers.

NDHIN Health Information Technology Office is responsible for implementing this information network, developing efficient health record systems, and implement value-added services for population health initiatives. The NDHIN manages 880,000 patients records and has 42 participating hospitals, 186 provider organizations, and two major payers (Blue Cross and Sanford Health).

In this webinar, we demonstrate:

  • The interoperability strategy used by NDHIN to build the foundation for its participants’ population health initiatives
  • How SVHC has created a solid data foundation with a flexible and scalable platform strategy
  • The benefits of value-added services running on top of the critical data foundation
  • The importance of a real-time analytics engine capable of creating a payer registry, a real-time patient registry, and a managed database

Featured Speakers:

Mike Perkowski - Co-Founder & Partner New Reality Media, LLC (moderator)

Sheldon Wolf - Information Technology Director, North Dakota Health Information Network 

Suzanne Cogan - Vice President Healthier Populations, Orion Health