Precision medicine is happening now! Watch this webinar and examine the opportunities to leverage your initial core data sets and prepare for new data types to deliver real-time population health and precise medicine.

This webinar demonstrates how modern healthcare organizations (HCO) are expanding clinical integration and upgrading to higher performing technology stacks on their journey to the omics-based and real-time delivery of precision medicine.

We chat with Dr. Chris Hobson, CMO and CPO at Orion Health, Dr. Dylan Mordaunt, and with Orion Health’s Executive Vice President of Product and Strategy, Dave Bennett about the importance of real-time data mining and re-mining, and which new computational tools and techniques you need to meet your population health goals and future proof your organization for the delivery of precision medicine.

In this webinar, we explain:

  1. How new models of medicine (e.g., molecular medicine, value-based medicine, etc.) are driving the immediate need for patient-specific decision support assistance 
  2. How existing and new data sets can be leveraged with integrated and real-time analytics (e.g., family history, pharmacogenomics) for immediate reduction in adverse events and improved outcomes
  3. How innovative organizations are answering this demand with high-performing technology

Featured Speakers:

Chris Hobson, MD, MBA - Chief Medical Officer & Chief Privacy Officer, Orion Health

Dr. Hobson is a primary care physician with 20+ years of experience in HIT. Chris has been with Orion Health for 14 years and worked in all areas of the business and all major geographic regions.

He is currently focused on developing and applying health information technology to care coordination, disease management, and population health. His core responsibility is to ensure that Orion Health’s products deliver clinical value including improved quality, safety of clinical care delivery, and patient’s privacy.

Dylan Mordaunt Physician & Researcher

Dr. Dylan Mordaunt is a practicing clinical geneticist and pediatrician with an interest in how Precision Medicine approaches can impact clinical quality, health improvement and population health. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, works for the Exceptional Circumstances of PHARMAC (the New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Management Agency). His work currently revolves around the Precision Driven Health initiative, a partnership between Orion Health, Waitemata District Health Board and the University of Auckland which is focused on developing data-driven approaches to improve health outcomes.

David Bennett - Executive Vice President, Product & Strategy, Orion Health 

Dave Bennett has been a technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. In 2013, Bennett joined Orion Health to build out and run their Population Health Management business. In November of 2014, Bennett assisted Orion Health with their IPO on the Australian and New Zealand exchange. Currently Bennett serves as the EVP of Product & Strategy for Orion Health, focused on new models of medicine. Prior to joining Orion Health Bennett founded Cyclone Commerce in 1996 which was acquired by Axway in 2006. He was a board member of Axway, iSirona,, Medisens, MIT Enterprise Forum, and HRBA. After Axway’s IPO in 2011, Bennett joined NantWorks assisting Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong with the formation of NantHealth and new predictive models of care.