Many organizations are beginning to recognize that effective reform cannot occur within the competitive siloes that have long dominated healthcare. These innovative organizations have instead created unique partnerships that seek to leverage the combined power of data from different sources to improve patient care. One such organization is Cal INDEX, one of the largest statewide health data exchange in the U.S.

Though normally competitors in the health insurance market in California, executives at Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross realized that optimizing revenue, reducing costs, and improving the quality of patient care using only their internal data was becoming increasingly difficult.

Patients often traverse the care continuum while moving in and out of established provider and payer networks and a single healthcare organization is frequently unable to maintain a comprehensive view of a patient’s care from the data they possess.

With the increased focus on quality and cost brought about by the fee for value era, Anthem and Blue Shield of California faced challenges about how they used their data to support care.
This White Paper looks at how two competitors came together to create and collaborate around data instead of competing to acquire it.

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