Orion Health has been producing world-class healthcare software for many years. We offer experience paired with proven technology and tools that can support organizations as they work to comply with the new CMS and ONC interoperability rules.

  • Build on industry standards
    Open APIs are built on well-defined and documented industry standards including FHIR, which were designed for interoperability. Orion Health Open APIs offer secure access to the rich patient record using innovative industry standards, such as the HL7® FHIR® Standard. FHIR is the preferred interoperability standard, designed to make it easier to exchange all healthcare data between systems in a straightforward and secure manner. Whichever way you choose to improve healthcare, our platform provides you the right tools and data to help you build innovative applications.
  • Securely access rich patient records
    Gain secure and authorized access to rich patient information through our industry-leading privacy engine, meaning that you can focus on building innovative applications that deliver value; and trust that we have you covered when it comes to protecting patients’ privacy and security. Our platform includes an advanced privacy implementation that provides granular access to data elements based on the user’s role and the sensitivity of the data. That privacy model flows through to the Open APIs to ensure that users only have access to the patient information they are supposed to see.
  • Build new applications on top of our platform
    Developers can create specialty applications that sit on top of
    Orion Health’s Amadeus platform, and allow healthcare workers, scientists, or patients to securely interact with authorized records. Orion Health holds over 110 million patient records, and we can provide you with the tools to expand the reach of your application.
  • Manage, build and test with the Developer Portal and Sandbox
    Discover and learn about APIs in the self-service Orion Health Developer Portal. The portal contains documentation, code samples and other useful information related to Orion Health’s APIs and FHIR. It is a self-service portal where developers can register, build and manage their applications. These applications can then be tested against real APIs in the API Sandbox.
  • Leverage our experience
    Orion Health has been producing software and solutions for over 27 years that support the delivery of care across the entire health ecosystem. Use our tools and take advantage of that experience, support, and technology. Data privacy, security and clinical safety of applications is of primary concern, and is built into every part of our software, while also using industry standards like OAuth2, REST and FHIR.