Technology that puts people at the heart of healthcare

Shared care records are key to empowering health and care professionals to deliver safe and effective care. Our market leading solution has been built based on 20 years of experience partnering with health and social care organisations across the UK & Ireland. It integrates health and care data from almost any source to provide clinicians and caregivers with a comprehensive view of patient information, enabling the best possible decisions at the point of care.

The rich citizen data held within the shared care record forms the foundation for population health management. This is the data that can be unlocked to identify actionable insights into individuals, groups of individuals and the entire population that you serve.

Shared care record users can efficiently analyse vast data sets to identify at-risk patients and those in need of proactive intervention. These cohorts can then be managed through a variety of tools for care coordination and patient engagement, which can facilitate care pathways, care planning, virtual wards, remote patient monitoring and more.

Orion Health’s Digital Front Door and patient engagement solutions allow you to redefine the healthcare experience for citizens by introducing a single hub through which they can access and interact with health and care services in their area.

Align your roadmap for population health management to the NHS core requirements of Infrastructure, Intelligence and Interventions.

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