Globally, health systems are facing multiple simultaneous pressures including COVID-19, an opioid crisis, rising mental health issues, an aging demographic and rise in the incidence and burden on systems from multiple chronic diseases. Add to this the continually rising frustrations from people that they can’t interact with healthcare in the same way they use other digital services like online banking. 

A digital front door responds to these challenges by putting people⁠—and the people who care⁠—in control, unlocking preventative, proactive and predictive healthcare.

What is a digital front door? 

Orion Health's digital front door addresses fragmented consumer experience as a result of silos by providing a consistent, easy to use, multi-channel interface through which all interactions can occur including symptom assessment, trusted health information, electronic referrals, access to complete medical records, virtual care and remote monitoring.

Leveraging the power of machine learning and analytics, a digital front door makes evidence-based decisions to guide people to appropriate care and resources, meaning precious clinician time is reserved for those who need it most.

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