Solutions for private healthcare organisations

Creating a seamless experience from pre-admission to post-discharge for patients and care teams

Private Healthcare

Orion Health’s private healthcare solution enables a paperless journey, increases adoption of applications and provides a seamless clinician and patient experience from pre-admission to post-discharge. 

Improving the healthcare experience for all

Benefits of private healthcare include shorter wait times, easier access to specialists, more personalised care and more choice when it comes to selecting a provider. To meet these expectations, private healthcare organisations need to attract the best staff who are enabled to provide patients with an elegant experience throughout their journey. 

Technology is key to achieving this. From digitising healthcare interactions in order to overhaul the patient experience, to providing care teams with easy-to-use systems so they can make the best possible decisions, the right platform can make all the difference. 

Orion Health has more than 30 years of experience partnering with healthcare organisations to improve patient outcomes by digitising clinical workflows and providing real-time access to information. We are at the forefront of reimagining the future of healthcare for people using digital tools so everyone can interact with healthcare in a way that suits them.

Why you’ll love our tech

Supporting global healthcare organisations for over 30 years

Reduce paper processes

Shift the patient record beyond paper to simplify access to information and optimise usability, ultimately streamlining the patient journey and improving the productivity of care teams.

Streamline clinical workflows

Reduce the burden on care teams with highly usable integrated workflow tools that provide actionable information, promote collaboration, remove duplication of effort and add real clinical value by simplifying processes.

Enhance patient experience

Provide a seamless patient experience from pre-admission to post-discharge through better efficiencies, and empower individuals to manage their care and communicate with their clinicians with integrated patient engagement tools.

Improve clinical safety

Enable quick and seamless access to crucial information, such as a curated up-to-date medications list, to support care teams in identifying gaps and inconsistencies, ultimately resulting in safer and more efficient care.

Increase organisational efficiencies

Automate key processes and enable resource management across departments to gain insights into performance so resources are allocated effectively, lowering costs and maintaining quality of care.

Optimise hospital administration

Collect patient information once and significantly reduce duplication of effort whilst facilitating ongoing process improvements, and more efficient workflows to reduce wait times, providing a more seamless patient experience.


Build your private healthcare solution with our technology

Clinical Workstation

  • A secure web-based solution that provides clinicians with a single electronic health record for each patient across an entire health ecosystem
  • Integrate a configurable suite of applications for best practice workflows accessible via a patient summary dashboard.

Virtuoso Digital Front Door

  • A consumer engagement platform that integrates healthcare information, tools and services to reimagine the patient experience. 
  • Streamline patient admissions by digitising the referral, planning, booking, pre-admission, and admission forms processes.

Private hospital modules

  • Patient Administration System for optimised hospital administrative functions. 
  • Surgical Management including scheduling, utilisation and perioperative management tools. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management for patient finance, claims management, inventory management, clinician fee reimbursement and third-party ERP integration. 
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