Orion Health's digital front door is a secure, open and scalable platform that enables organisations to bring new and existing patient engagement technologies together into a unified, user-friendly hub.

Arguably the biggest challenge facing healthcare is the continually rising frustrations from consumers around the way they interact with the health system. A digital front door answers this by providing consumers with efficient, cohesive and convenient access through a consistent, easy to use, multi-channel interface.
Because a digital front door solution spans such a wide variety of functions, it is best regarded as a strategic platform wrapping around all consumer-facing initiatives. If initiatives are implemented in silos the end result is a fragmented consumer experience. A digital front door addresses this by providing a single hub through which all interactions can occur, e.g. e-referral, symptom assessment, virtual care and remote monitoring.
By leveraging existing technologies, going paperless and adding virtual care services, organisations are better equipped to manage demand whilst simultaneously improving the consumer experience. 

Benefits of a digital front door

Use Cases

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