Orion Health Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) strengthens a patient’s support system to keep them in optimal health. It provides an engagement and empowerment tool that optimizes community patient care. As a comprehensive solution, on top of Orion Health Amadeus, RPM provides the communication platform for patient and care teams to collaborate. It enables the ability to take preventive action, to reduce Emergency Department (ED) visits, hospitalizations and the average hospital length of stay, reducing the cost to the healthcare system. The RPM solution enables care providers to tailor a personalized monitoring plan for individual patients by offering the most complete set of tools and data connections to power effective virtual care across multiple settings.

As a comprehensive solution built on top of Orion Health Amadeus, RPM enables remote care of patients in the community. Many of these patients have chronic illnesses which require continuous monitoring and the platform to strengthen the patient’s support system to prevent avoidable hospital admissions. From their home, the patients either use an electronic tablet provided by their healthcare provider, or access services through a web browser via their personal computer, tablet or phone.

Using the personal health assistant, patients register their routine daily health and medication activities, personalized by their care provider. While executing their precise monitoring plan, patients receive real-time feedback and educational material. Health activities can include reviewing their vital signs, signs, and symptoms of deteriorating health, all of which are specific to the patient’s conditions. The result is an engagement and empowerment tool that optimizes a patient’s health. The solution also offers administration capabilities for the creation and modification of monitoring plans.

Benefits of RPM

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