Digital Care Record

Taking a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to patient care

What if there was a way to reduce clinician burnout, decrease clinical errors and significantly improve patient satisfaction, all while improving health outcomes for all?

Orion Health’s Digital Care Record (DCR) provides an integrated platform that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management. 

What sets us apart?

The Digital Care Record seamlessly integrates a rich data set from existing disparate systems to provide a comprehensive view of all patient information

Aggregates, normalises and displays health and social care data in real-time

Capability and functionality can be added over time

Integrates analytics with care coordination tools

Follows the latest interoperability standards

Why you’ll love our tech

Improved access to data and capabilities position clinical teams to make better decisions, and provide more efficient and effective care

Easily identify at-risk patients with actionable insights
Provide clinicians with the right information, at the point of care
Take a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to care
Increase patient flow across multiple care settings
Minimise clinician burnout by improving workflow efficiencies
Empower patients and caregivers to be active and engaged participants

As organisations progress from viewing to doing, Digital Care Record provides integrated tools for care coordination, population health management and patient engagement

clinical portal

View unified patient data

Care pathways

Manage clinical workflows

Medication Mangement

Integrate patient medications

Collaborative worklists

Enable efficient patient management


Secure healthcare communications


Enable real-time alerts

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

View unified patient data

Open APIs

Built on industry standards

Specialist Clinical Viewers

View problems, medicines, results and immunisations

Medicines Decision Support

Safe curate and optimise medications

Care Plans

Enable effective patient care

Problem List

View patient health status

Referral Management

Enable safe and efficient transitions of care

Risk Assessment

Framework for monitoring patient risk

Circle of Care

View patient care team

Care Pathways

  • Provides clinical, administration and patient-focused tools to manage and optimize patient care
  • Enables management of simple, local clinical workflows to chronic care patients being treated across multiple providers

Direct Secure Messaging

  • Send secure health information directly to trusted recipients over the internet
  • Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality
  • DirectTrust™ and ONC-certified HIPAA-compliant

Medication Management

  • Provides intuitive workflow tools to safely manage a patient’s medications as they transition between care settings
  • Facilitates reconciling and prescribing medications on admission, discharge and within outpatient clinics
  • Promotes medication adherence and reduces medication errors

Collaborative Worklists

  • A patient management tool that supports effective and efficient clinical workflow within the Digital Health Record
  • Enhances clinical workflow by removing the need for paper patient lists and spreadsheets
  • Facilitates better collaboration between care teams and ensures that no patient falls through the cracks, no task is left undone, and errors and effort are minimized.

Clinical Portal

  • A secure web-based solution that provides clinicians with tools to support patients care, leveraging the data platform, or through integration to existing disparate digital systems
  • A unified interface to access and view a longitudinal patient health record
  • A single view of all patient data in one place
  • Infinitely configurable access to content, applications, third party systems – backed by a flexible privacy engine capable of supporting the most challenging environments.
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