The increased demands of managing complex patients across multiple care providers and settings, require advancements in healthcare technology. Addressing these new challenges and ultimately supports a healthcare provider's goal of enabling longer, happier and healthier lives for their patients.

Whether in an primary care practice or community clinic, our solutions combine near real-time access to complete, longitudinal patient information as well as the tools needed to identify, assess, understand and manage patients with long-term conditions.

Our future-proof solutions serve the healthcare continuum, enabling the management of population health through model-modal and emerging models of care including Precision Medicine. Across Canada alone, countless clinicians and hundreds of provider facilities and OEM partners rely on Orion Health facilitating data exchange between hospitals, health systems and EHRs resulting in improved coordination, increased cost savings, efficiencies and ultimately, enhanced patient care.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Orion Health’s e-Notifications helps with the quality of care for patients because in cases where the hospital is unable to reach the physician, they can now receive a notification that alerts them when one of their patients has been admitted to a hospital far away. It allows the physician to be proactive – giving them the opportunity to connect with the hospital on their patient’s care – rather than be reactive to the situation.


    Vice President, Product Management & Operations, OntarioMD

  • We see Rhapsody as being absolutely pivotal because it doesn’t matter so much what other systems the hospitals are using because you can quickly provide the integration with Rhapsody.


    IM/IT Department, Brockville General Hospital

  • The technology we now have in place allows us to create a more patient-centric healthcare environment.


    CEO, Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information

  • The enhanced access to quality health information supports timely and more informed health care decision-making across our healthcare system.


    CEO, Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information

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