Precision medicine is an emerging model of healthcare that combines all information unique to an individual, and identifies prevention and treatment strategies that will be effective for them based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

At Orion Health, we’re on a mission to make precision medicine a reality worldwide. The quantity of data coming from even a limited number of sources cannot be managed through traditional technologies and will require highly scalable and flexible data spaces to connect, analyse and manage them. We have launched Amadeus, a precision medicine platform built on modern, open technology that will provide clinicians with the cognitive support they need to make the best decisions possible. We enable the delivery of precision medicine by aggregating, storing, and making sense of all forms of data, so that we can transform healthcare from being about many, to focusing on one.

Amadeus is uniquely designed to future proof you for evolving models of healthcare, from population health management to precision medicine. It combines Orion Health's extensive data integration experience and a distributed architecture to handle massive volumes of high velocity data, combining a comprehensive range of data models including clinical, claims, consumer, and genomic, with powerful custom data modelling capability.

Once all the relevant data is combined, the next step is to analyse that data to gain valuable insights that are then actioned through workflow tools to deliver personalised care plans and patient engagement strategies for every individual.

In the evolving healthcare economy, new specialised applications and devices are emerging every day to support better health outcomes. That’s why at Orion Health we provide streaming access to all our data in Amadeus via APIs. Third parties can innovate and develop applications on our platform to tailor care for individuals, and truly realise precision medicine.

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