“I am very satisfied with Orion Health, and I think my overall satisfaction will only go up in 12 months.”

Off the back of our 2020 Best in KLAS for Interoperability Platforms* ranking of 87.3, we thought it was an ideal time to explore the key elements that we believe contributed to our high score.

The healthcare industry continues to be rocked by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the world, providers are strained at every level. During this time of increased burden, the strength of the relationship between a healthcare provider and its technology vendors is more important than ever. From a robust foundation springs innovation and the development of creative solutions to unique challenges – this is the value of a strong customer-vendor relationship.

Keeping our customers at the heart of every decision

In the last two years we have taken a range of steps to drive customer satisfaction and keep our relationships with our customers front of mind.

We have organised our business in an account management-style structure. This allows for greater synergy between our product teams and healthcare providers and, as a result, we get a better understanding of what our customers need, and therefore what we need to do to satisfy them.

Working in partnership with our customers

We think of our work with customers as a partnership, rather than a traditional customer-vendor relationship. Our customers feel as if we are part of their team, and they have highlighted our dedication to them as part of this.

We believe communication is crucial. Close communication between customer teams and development teams means feedback is relayed swiftly and clearly.

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. As part of the 2020 Best in KLAS for Interoperability Platforms, our customers have provided some comment on the strength of their relationships with us, and what they put this down to.

We’re proud to share their comments with you.

“Orion Health has an excellent customer relations team. There are a couple of members that are truly outstanding and phenomenal. They are embedded within our team. They make sure that Orion Health’s leaders are aware of our concerns. The executives from Orion Health are very attentive to our needs. There is absolutely a partnership.”

  • CIO, December 2019

“Orion Health is outstanding in terms of interoperability and how they work with us. The things they do prove that they are a key partner.”

  • CIO, December 2019

“The support team we have right now with Orion rocks. We would not be where we are now without that team and its members’ dedication to us. They are part of our team. Once they own something, they tend to work harder at it rather than treat it like a number.”

  • Director, December 2019 

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* The Best in KLAS ranking is a recognition given to US healthcare IT vendors to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. Read the full report.

2020 Best in KLAS