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Maximizing data utility while safeguarding patient privacy

Orion Health’s De-identify is an end-to-end de-identification software designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Safeguard patient privacy, comply with regulatory requirements, and extract valuable insights from your data

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Empower your organization with Orion Health De-identify

At Orion Health, we understand the importance of protecting patient privacy while harnessing the full potential of healthcare data. That’s why we’ve developed De-Identify, an advanced solution that allows you to achieve compliance, maximize data utility, and drive transformation. 

This is how De-identify’s innovating techniques can benefit your organization, today:

Safeguard patient privacy

  • Ensure patient privacy is protected during data sharing.
  • Comply with healthcare regulations and privacy requirements.
  • Build trust and confidence with stakeholders and patients.

Maximize data utility

  • Retain data value while de-identifying sensitive information
  • Unlock actionable insights and valuable research opportunities.
  • Drive data-driven decision-making and innovation.

Compliance made easy

  • Streamline compliance efforts with advanced de-identification capabilities.
  • Meet regulatory requirements without compromising data utility.
  • Simplify the process of handling and sharing healthcare data securely.
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Explore our De-identify solution and start safely sharing your healthcare data today.

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