Medicines provides an integrated platform for a complete view of patient medications that is trusted across the wider health and social care ecosystem.  


 The platform ingests, stores and aggregates prescription data from multiple external source systems and provides sophisticated tools for clinicians to reconcile and actively manage the patient’s medication profile at transitions for care.  

Native SNOMED medication terminology support and standards-based FHIR APIs make data openly available to consuming applications. 

Benefits of Medicines

Key Features


Authoritative medication lists

Support the curation of a reconciled, point-in-time medication list to track changes in a patient's therapy over time across multiple care settings. 

Medication timeline

View third-party and Orion-sourced medication information via an intuitive timeline user-interface and view recent activity and prescription fill coverage to monitor adherence. 
MEDS_Timeline Mockup.png

Consolidated view of medications

Aggregate third-party prescription orders, dispensing, pharmacy claims, and medication statements via real-time interfaces to provide a ‘single source of truth’ for medications. 

Drug normalisation and enrichment

Normalise and enrich third-party medication information to SNOMED medication codes and descriptions aligned to local standards via medication terminology APIs. 


Machine learning based dose normalisation

Enhanced decision support to automate aspects of the reconciliation workflow with smart dose transcription and normalisation of third-party prescription information. 

FHIR APIs for standardised integration

Provide FHIR API support to ingest, read and share all medication event types (request, dispense, administer and statement) via a single Medicines platform. 

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Optional Add-Ons to Medicines

Medication Management

Supports clinicians within the acute care setting by providing reconciliation and review workflows, integration with external medication sources, admission to discharge transfer of care management, prescription generation and discharge medication schedules.

Community Medicines

Enables community-based care providers to actively manage the patient’s medication record and associated Care Plan. Supported workflows include medication reconciliation and review, management of self-prescribed over-the-counter medications and medication adherence progress.

Medicines Viewer

The Medicines Viewer provides a consolidated view across all medication information in the platform. Providing grouped and filtered normalised medication data and prescription records. Information privacy with break the seal are enforceable.

Medicines Decision Support

Amalgamating information from a back-end service and from multiple sources, Medicines Decision Support then displays this information at the point-of-care to help guide in the clinician’s decision-making process. Alerts include duplicate therapy checks, drug monographs for example NZULM, formulary preferences and configurable drug additional information.

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