Amadeus Digital Care Record

Medication Management

An integrated solution for a complete, patient-centric view of medication.

Orion Health’s Amadeus Medication Management is a complete, unified view of a patient’s medication data aggregated from multiple sources, including prescriptions, community pharmacy dispensaries, and hospital discharge summaries.

Minimising medication errors and encouraging patient medication adherence

Medication errors and patient medication non-adherence are some of the challenges that many health systems need to address in order to achieve quality healthcare outcomes and lower healthcare costs. However, measuring medication adherence can be difficult and burdensome. 

Clinicians are time poor, and it is not uncommon for patients to stray from their medication regimen, especially at care transition points between the hospital and the community. 

Medication Management simplifies the task for both the care team and the patient of understanding patient medication and sharing that information across the wider care team. Normalisation and smart algorithms enrich the data to present meaningful information so that all clinicians in the patient’s circle of care can quickly make sense of the patient’s medication history.

Why you’ll love our tech

Simplifies the task of understanding patient medication and ensures everyone stays informed across the continuum of care

Single source of truth for medication

Aggregates data in real time from third parties and provides a complete, patient-centric view of medication across the entire health and social care ecosystem.

Improved medication safety

Clinicians can easily identify and resolve medication discrepancies, track changes in medication therapy, and record reasons for those changes, who made them and from which facility.

Promotes medication adherence

Engages patients in their healthcare by assisting them with guidance on their prescribed medication and how and when to take it.

Facilitates data normalisation, enrichment and interoperability

Implements SNOMED-based medicines terminologies to manage the relationships between pharmacy-branded products, generic concepts and third-party proprietary drug files.

Authoritative medication list that follows the patient

Enables all authorised care providers at various patient touch-points to contribute to, curate and share a patient’s current medication therapy, producing an authoritative “managed list of medicines”.

Patient access to their own medication record

Patients can view current therapy and administration schedules within their medication record, which facilitates the ability to challenge the accuracy of their prescription record.


Improve your medication management with our technology

Clinical Data Repository

  • Demographics
  • Encounters
  • Problems and allergies
  • Results

Medicines Decision Support

  • Optimises care with real-time, point-of-care decision support
  • Prompts and guides to assist clinicians to safely curate and prescribe medications
  • Reduces medication errors

Medication Management

  • Intuitive workflow tools to safely manage a patient’s medications as they transition between care settings
  • Facilitates reconciling and prescribing medications on admission and discharge, and within outpatient clinics
  • Promotes medication adherence and reduces medication errors

Problem List

  • Create a reliable, comprehensive view of a patient’s health status
  • A centralised location for providers to record, reconcile and actively manage a variety of patient problem types
  • Problem reconciliation workflow to consolidate external sources

Clinical Specialist Viewers

  • Medications Viewer consolidates records for medication orders, dispenses/fills, administrations and immunisations from multiple sources
  • Results Viewer provides access to a patient’s laboratory and radiology results
  • Problems Viewer aggregates patient health problems (such as allergies, adverse reactions, conditions, and alerts) from multiple source systems
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