Virtuoso Digital Front Door

Patient engagement

Drastically improving the healthcare experience by empowering people to actively participate in their care.

Orion Health’s Virtuoso is an omni-channel engagement platform that streamlines patient interactions with the health system, provides complete access to health data and enables care to take place from the comfort of home.

Supporting patients at every step of their health journey

Whilst transformation of healthcare to address the patient experience is long overdue, the COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the need for investment in technology to enable high-quality care and to deliver new ways for people to interact with their health systems.  

Orion Health’s Virtuoso Digital Front Door improves patient engagement by providing a single digital channel for patients to view their health data, access relevant education information, complete digital forms ahead of appointments and surgeries, and be monitored remotely from the comfort of their own home. 

By leveraging and integrating existing technologies, going paperless and adding virtual care services, our solution enables organisations to manage demand whilst simultaneously improving the patient experience.

Why you’ll love our tech

Leveraging 30 years of global interoperability experience, our targeted solutions aim to increase patient engagement and improve the healthcare experience.

Empower patients to participate in their healthcare

Supports preventative healthcare by educating and empowering patients to actively participate in and contribute to their ongoing care.

Provide a single source of patient information

Leverages real-time data and workflow tools from our Digital Health Record to support and enhance patient self-management.

Build stronger connections between providers and patients

Provides multiple levels of access to the shared patient record and ensures everyone stays informed and connected with communication and engagement tools.

Improve knowledge and understanding of patients’ health

Provides relevant educational information directly related to a patient’s current treatments or conditions.

Monitor and manage patients in their own home

Provides patients with a health assistant to register their daily health activities so that they can be cared for in the community.

Streamline patient hospital admissions

Digitises the process of completing admission forms and provides access to health records for patients to receive reminders, communicate with their care team and view documentation.


Overhaul the patient experience with our technology

Consumer Website

  • Provides people with a single point of content for the health system
  • Integrates healthcare information, tools and services
  • Consistent, easy-to-use, omni-channel platform

Patient Portal

  • Provides patients with access to their complete longitudinal health record
  • Allows patients to view a list of their circle of care with configurable permissions
  • Enables patient interactions with care plans including goal-setting and tracking

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Enables people to follow their personalised care plan at home
  • Provides dashboards for care teams to intervene as early as possible 
  • Allows the review and adjustment of care plans as the patient’s situation evolves 

Forms and Surveys

  • Captures information directly from the patient at their convenience
  • Patients can complete online assessments to avoid unnecessary hospital visits
  • Obtain feedback using PREMs and PROMs to continuously improve services

Care Plans

  • Patient-centred, individualised, prioritised plans for the effective care of patients shared with the patient’s circle of care 
  • Documents a patient’s needs, diagnoses, assessments undertaken, summary of medications and problem list, and agreed-upon goals and interventions
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