State Health Data Center of Excellence

Extending beyond the HIE


What is the Orion Health State Health Data Center of Excellence?

The SHDCoE is an opportunity for Orion Health to help all HIEs across the country navigate the transition to Health Data Utilities. Health Data Utilities will bring together the HIE clinical data and data from public health organizations, public and private payers and other state agencies including behavioural health and social care data. Bringing together health and social determinants of health (SDoH) data will enable health systems to take their performance to the next level – delivering better, more efficient care to those who need it.  

To support Health Data Utilities, Unified Health Data Models will be critical to generating value from this abundance of available data. These models create order in the data, preparing it for use in analysis, machine learning, sharing with downstream applications or at the clinical point of care. Health Data Utilities aggregate valuable combinations of health and health-adjacent data, but Unified Health Data Models make it actionable.

Health data utility

The future of the State Health Data Landscape

Over the last three decades, Orion Health has been perfecting our data platform technology in markets all over the world, including with our valued American partners. The SHDCoE is our opportunity to help the US realize the benefits of this ground-breaking work as many states share their ambition to move beyond their HIEs to become the Health Data Utilities of the future.

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Case studies

Our solutions in action

Syncronys Health Information Exchange

Statewide Health Information Exchange established unprecedented access for participants and longitudinal patients records for state residents

Keystone Health Information Exchange

Founded in 2005, Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE®) is Pennsylvania’s longest-operating HIE and a national leader. A Geisinger corporation, it serves over 5.8 million patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. KeyHIE connects an array of diverse organizations

North Dakota Health Information Network

Its Health Information Exchange (HIE) is growing rapidly, receiving data from 58% of New Mexico hospital beds, 73% of emergency department admissions, and 80% of overall admissions. Organizations across the care spectrum are participating,

Lighthouse in Maine

Maine HealthInfoNet

Maine HealthInfoNet delivers a statewide HIE where healthcare providers can share patient information to deliver population health management.

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