State Health Data Center of Excellence

Extending beyond the HIE


What is the Orion Health State Health Data Center of Excellence?

The State Health Data Center of Excellence (COE) is a strategic initiative that combines top-tier talent, consolidating decades of global internal experience combined with insights from well established customers into a hub of innovation poised to redefine industry best practices. 

The COE will accelerate and drive innovative partnerships and foster collaboration. For the first time talent and technology converge in a supercharged focused Center designed to elevate HIE operations and services by driving the evolution of HIEs across the US and globally. 

The Center leverages the company’s 30 years of experience and global leadership in HIE, drawing inspiration from successful projects, including HIE leadership in Canada, the UK and the Middle East. The Center will be critical for how we redefine the future of the HIE landscape in the US in collaboration with our long-term partners and how they partner with state governments to be critical health data utilities and extend beyond the HIE.

Case studies

Our solutions in action

Syncronys Health Information Exchange

Statewide Health Information Exchange established unprecedented access for participants and longitudinal patients records for state residents

Keystone Health Information Exchange

Founded in 2005, Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE®) is Pennsylvania’s longest-operating HIE and a national leader. A Geisinger corporation, it serves over 5.8 million patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. KeyHIE connects an array of diverse organizations

North Dakota Health Information Network

Its Health Information Exchange (HIE) is growing rapidly, receiving data from 58% of New Mexico hospital beds, 73% of emergency department admissions, and 80% of overall admissions. Organizations across the care spectrum are participating,

Lighthouse in Maine

Maine HealthInfoNet

Maine HealthInfoNet delivers a statewide HIE where healthcare providers can share patient information to deliver population health management.

Industry Partnerships

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