Orion Health Amadeus Medication Management

An integrated platform for a complete, patient-centric view of medications

Amadeus Medication Management offers intuitive workflow tools to safely manage patients’ medications as they transition between care settings. 

Within the acute care setting, Medication Management facilitates reconciling, prescribing medications on admission, discharge and within outpatient clinics.

By leveraging standardised medicines terminologies, FHIR interoperability standards, and embedded clinical knowledge, Medication Management ensures that the clinician is supported in real time to make the best possible therapeutic decisions for their patients.

Community-based carers such as pharmacists and nurse practitioners are also supported to undertake medication use reviews, medication therapy assessments and care plan documentation to optimise medications and promote adherence.



Why you’ll love our tech

Reduces medication errors
Reduces duplication of effort
Improves patient safety
Tracks changes in medication therapy at care transfers
Promotes medication adherence and patient engagement
Reconcile and review medications

Value our tech delivers

Reconcile and review medications

  • Review and reconcile medications at transitions of care. 
  • Integrate with external sources to produce the best possible medication history or point-in-time current medication lists, published as FHIR-compliant. 
  • Includes the capability for smart semantic grouping using SNOMED-coded data, with tools for curation and recording reasons for change. 

Clinical document integration

  • Integration of medicines review workflow into transfer of care documentation, disease pathways (diabetes, etc.) and community care coordination (including community medicines use reviews and therapeutic assessments).


Medication schedule

  • Automatic generation of the patient’s medication schedule based on the current medication list. 
  • This promotes medication adherence and patient engagement. 
  • Printed or accessible via FHIR APIs.

Prescribe medications

  • Discharge and outpatient prescribing to produce both a printed script and a message for prescription broker integration.
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