Virtuoso Digital Front Door

Patient engagement

Drastically improving the healthcare experience by empowering people to actively participate in their care.

Orion Health’s Virtuoso is an omni-channel engagement platform that streamlines patient interactions with the health system, provides complete access to health data and enables care to take place from the comfort of home.

Put more power in the hands of patients

Orion Health’s Patient Portal and Digital Front Door solutions are designed to meet shared care record requirements for patient engagement and signposting.  

Orion Health’s Virtuoso Digital Front Door improves patient engagement by providing a single digital channel for patients to view their health data, access relevant education information, complete digital forms ahead of appointments and surgeries, and be monitored remotely from the comfort of their own home. 

The Patient Portal powers patient engagement for shared care records around the world including for Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Scotland, the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record and the Dorset Care Record. Orion Health’s Digital Front Door solution takes patient engagement to the next level by establishing a single entry point to local healthcare tools and services for both citizens and patients.

Why you’ll love our tech

Our proven platform has been supporting healthcare organisations globally for more than 30 years.

Make quick and accurate decisions

Saves time and increases efficiencies through easy access to relevant information such as clinical documentation and lab results.

Provide safe and suitable care

Improves patient safety with complete access to their prescribed and dispensed medications, vaccine history and list of alerts and allergies.

Keep people engaged and healthy

Reduces the need for patients to repeating information, streamlines healthcare interactions and makes accessing health services easy.

Gain population health insights

Leverages data to improve decision-making, target patient cohorts, tailor care plans and make timely interventions.

Meet international standard

Our fully interoperable patient engagement solutions meets international and HISO standards including SNOMED and HL7.

Move from viewing to doing

As well as integrating new care settings, you can extend functionality within the solutions to enable more effective care coordination across the continuum of care.


Overhaul the patient experience with our technology

Consumer Website

  • Provides citizens with a single point of navigation for your local health and care system
  • Integrates healthcare information, tools and services
  • Consistent, easy-to-use, omni-channel platform

Patient Portal

  • Provides patients with access to their complete longitudinal health record
  • Allows patients to view a list of their circle of care with configurable permissions
  • Enables patient interactions with care plans including goal-setting and tracking

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Enables people to follow their personalised care plan at home
  • Provides dashboards for care teams to intervene as early as possible 
  • Allows the review and adjustment of care plans as the patient’s situation evolves 

Forms and Surveys

  • Captures information directly from the patient at their convenience
  • Patients can complete online assessments to avoid unnecessary hospital visits
  • Obtain feedback using PREMs and PROMs to continuously improve services

Care Plans

  • Patient-centred, individualised, prioritised plans for the effective care of patients shared with the patient’s circle of care 
  • Documents a patient’s needs, diagnoses, assessments, medications, problems and agreed goals and interventions
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