Unified HealthCare Platform

Population Health Management

Deliver better health outcomes, improve patient experience, and reduce costs.

Align your population health management roadmap to the NHS core requirements of Infrastructure, Intelligence and Interventions.

Deliver better population health outcomes with smart data and patient engagement tools

Population health management is allowing health and care professionals across the care community to access appropriate patient information through a shared care record, leading to smarter decision making. This rich integrated data then becomes the foundation for population health management. 

This rich patient record can then be analysed to identify actionable insights, predicting care needs for individuals, cohorts and the entire population.

Orion Health’s Unified Healthcare Platform is made up of our Amadeus Digital Care Record, Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform and the Virtuoso Digital Front Door, each underpinned by extensive health and social data sets, machine learning, and 30 years of innovation focused purely on improving global well-being. 

Our Unified Healthcare Platform unifies data to flow seamlessly across the healthcare ecosystem, unlocks insights from health records, and empowers people to take control of their own healthcare. 

Why you’ll love our tech

Reimagine population health management with our technology

Understand where to best focus resources

Delve into the data for your population and understand where to focus programmes for the most impact and efficient use of resources.

Transition to proactive and preventative care

Provides clinicians with access to the full patient record and notifications alert them to gaps in care, prompting them to initiate proactive measures.

Keep patients out of hospital

Enables users to rapidly identify cohorts of patients that require proactive interventions and assigns the necessary tasks and actions to ensure they receive appropriate and timely care.

Improved medication safety

Allow clinicians and care givers to easily identify and resolve medication discrepancies, track changes in therapies, the reasons for these and who made them.

Track how your initiatives are performing

Interrogate the health of your population over time, evaluate how your programmes are performing and use this insight for optimisation.

Effectively coordinate care

Provide tools such as care plans and care pathways to enhance care management, especially for those who require intensive or long- term care.


Build your unified healthcare platform with us

Digital Front Door

Orion Health’s Digital Front Door is an omni-channel patient engagement platform that integrates tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

Digital Care Record

Orion Health’s Digital Care Record provides an integrated health record that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management. 

Health Intelligence Platform

Orion Health’s Intelligence Platform is a health-centric solution to acquire and analyse data for individual, cohort and population health management.

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