Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform

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Your solution for analytics, business intelligence and population health management

Orion Health’s Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform provides actionable insights in the right format and at the right time to guide decision-making and improve clinical outcomes.

Manage a population for targeted and preventative care

Orion Health’s Health Intelligence Platform offers timely and interactive data dashboards, reports and visualisations. When integrated with our solutions for care coordination, insights can be quickly turned into actions to improve clinical outcomes, patient and staff satisfaction, resource utilisation, information governance and financial performance.

Orion Health’s Health Intelligence Platform rapidly connects all data sources, enabling users to easily extract the targeted information they need to make informed and timely decisions for individual, cohort, or population health management.

Our solution makes harnessing the power of data easier than ever. With the support of actionable data at every touchpoint, your team can transform care delivery and maximize business value. Decisions are made faster. Care can start sooner. Data can be shared safely. Privacy is always protected.

Why you’ll love our tech

Unlock the power of your data

Action insights across multi-disciplinary teams

Through seamless integration with Orion Health’s suite of solutions, you can identify and action your insights all within one platform.

Identify patient cohorts

Use data insights to identify patient cohorts at high risk of illness or complications to enable targeted care and prevention.

Improve patient outcomes

Practice prevention where possible, enable early diagnosis and establish consistent care quality.

Review and optimise care approaches​

Understand how your programmes are performing and tailor them for the best outcomes and efficiency.

Satisfy reporting requirements

Generate the information you need to produce your locally and nationally required reports.

Faster data discovery

Our platform collects, saves, aggregates, and curates all forms/types of health data, enabling a quick implementation of the most recent research findings.


Keep up with the rapid transformation of healthcare

Data Aggregation

  • Multiple options for technology infrastructure, receiving, normalizing, codifying and aggregating health data
  • HIPAA Hi-Trust certified highly scalable and customisable data processor
  • Providing a single, unified index of information from a variety of sources

Open APIs

  • Data access via industry standard protocols through Open APIs.
  • Support for HL7v2 and FHIR, as well as other overlays (e.g., CARIN Alliance)
  • Full support for USCDI interoperability requirements

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive data visualizations to create insights for:

  • Measuring clinical performance and costs
  • Identifying cohorts of patients based on clinical needs, outcomes performance, clinical trial eligibility, or cost management
  • Gain immediate insights to your data using pre-built dashboard and reports

Regional Algorithm Library

  • A ready-to-use library of algorithms, risk scores and predictive models
  • A trusted library, curated with experts
  • A short-cut to evaluate published models in your population and healthcare setting
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