Keystone Health Information Exchange

The Customer

Founded in 2005, Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE®) is Pennsylvania’s longest-operating HIE and a national leader. A Geisinger corporation, it serves over 5.8 million patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. KeyHIE connects an array of diverse organizations, including:

  • 29 hospitals
  • 369 physician practices
  • 90 long-term care facilities
  • 35 home health agencies
  • 19 Urgent Care facilities
  • 4 insurance carriers

KeyHIE also supports national and state interoperability via the Sequoia Project eHealth Exchange and the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N).

Strategic Objectives and Directions

Kim Chaundy, Senior Director of Operations, succinctly stated KeyHIE’s core mission as “being the highway connecting the information of many disparate organizations.” Creating the robust infrastructure to fulfill this strategy includes providing “white space” coverage to link remote facilities and those lacking full technological resources. The ultimate objective is achieving better outcomes by advancing value-based care and emerging delivery models. Chaundy pointed to the role KeyHIE’s data exchange plays in population health management, disease surveillance, and urgent programs such as Pennsylvania Coordinated Medication-Assisted Treatment (PacMAT) addressing the opioid crisis.

At the same time, KeyHIE’s strategy mirrors that of its peers, with the need to generate sustainable growth. The organization has expanded significantly over the past several years and has successfully built a profitable enterprise free from reliance on grants and subsidies.

A common strategic thread is management of data with the scale, intensity, and fluidity to produce comprehensive patient medical records and optimize analytics.