Orion Health Hospitals Patient Administration System

Supporting the seamless flow of patients

Orion Health’s Patient Administration System (PAS) optimises hospital administrative functions, supports clinical workflows and streamlines the patient journey – from the community to the hospital and beyond. 

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Our PAS is designed with user experience in mind, with information being collected once. It significantly reduces the duplication of effort whilst facilitating ongoing process improvements and more efficient workflows, reducing waiting times and enabling a more seamless patient experience.


Why you'll love our tech

PAS_product_Enhance overall efficiencies-min
PAS_product_Enhance overall efficiencies-min
Enhance overall efficiency and improve productivity
PAS_optimise resources-min
Optimise resources and reduce unnecessary expenses

PAS_Share Information-min
Improve information sharing and gain better insights
PAS_Reduce duplication-min
Reduce duplication of efforts and facilitate collaboration
PAS_Experience value quickly-min
Experience value quickly with a cost-effective, agile delivery model
PAS_Continuously improves
Continuously improves with regular development and releases


Value our tech delivers

Patient Administration Overview

Provides a single view of key activities for a patient over a time period, including referrals, waiting list information, and inpatient, outpatient and ED activity. Easily view details of activities and related information, and edit directly from the PAS Overview screen.

Master Patient Index (MPI)

Search between PAS records and one or more external MPIs to select patients and reconcile patient information. View key information to help identify and select the correct patient and create new patient records directly from the patient search.

Patient Registration

View, edit and update core patient demographic information as well as a patient’s Circle of Care. Define what data is captured, customise the look and feel and enable patient-group specific patient profiles.

Waiting List Management

Supports waiting lists for admitted, non admitted and community services and  integrates with referrals, appointments and admission requests. Fully configurable by waiting list entry types with mandatory fields, tab layouts, and sections for a comprehensive list of waiting list-related fields. 

Referral Management

View patient referrals over time, create new referrals, record triage status, and view activity against referrals.  The referral form is configurable to enable organisations to capture data according to local business requirements.


Visit Manager

View, create and manage all patient administrative activities related to visits from a single interface. View the current and recent emergency, outpatient and inpatient visits in a patient-centric manner using a consistent easy to navigate workflow.

Outpatient Management

Schedule patient appointments to visit a clinic or clinician, as well as book other key resources, such as equipment or rooms. View the schedule of multiple resources for a specific date from a single screen, and use the conflict checking functionality to validate a clinician’s availability.

Inpatient Management

Enables staff to manage capacity across facilities and record the information required for statutory reporting of admitted episodes. Users can view and search across facilities for admission requests in real-time, create requests and reserve beds for future admissions.  

Clinical Coding

Add diagnosis and procedure codes to many pre-visit patient administration activities, such as referrals, waiting list entries, and appointments and transform patient management throughout their journey.  Standards supported include ICD-9, ICD 10, SNOMED, LOINC and CPT with functionality to maintain the coding systems. It also supports integration to 3M Code finder™ for coding and DRG calculation.

Emergency Care Management


Provides quick registration and triage features for prioritising patients based on their need for clinical care. With real-time status and patient tracking, provide all key stakeholders with a single view of the relevant information to efficiently triage patients.

Surgical Management


Delivers maximum efficiency of theatres, staff and materials through a combination of scheduling, utilisation and perioperative management tools. Preference cards and resource tracking features allow focus on patients and less time on the administrative tasks associated with the surgical event. 

Revenue Cycle Management


Integrates with Orion Health’s Revenue Cycle Management module to ensure accurate transfer of all details necessary to support the billing of all patient episodes and claims management. This improves business efficiencies, supporting revenue generation and meeting the needs of a growing healthcare organisation.

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