Orion Health Orchestral Data science and Machine Learning

Delivering end-to-end intelligence support from your raw data to real workflows

Orion Health empowers your data journey. From data refinement and custom algorithms to Natural Language Processing (NLP) expertise, we’re your partner in healthcare transformation.

Uncover insights from unstructured text, fast-track outcomes with our Algorithm Library, and streamline operations using Machine Learning Manager. Our intelligence services provide tailored solutions, while Natural Language Processing extracts meaning from textual data. 


Why you'll love our tech

Seamless clinician support with easy access to relevant information, ensuring timely and informed decision-making
Mitigate the risk of errors and missed information, enhancing patient safety and care quality
Enable safe and ethical use of machine learning in your organisation
Extract enhanced value from existing data through machine learning integration
Identify high-risk patients and enable timely interventions for improved outcomes
Integrate intelligent tools directly into clinical workflows, optimising efficiency, and efficacy

Value our tech delivers

Clinical code detection and tagging

  • Detect and tag clinical codes, including disorders, procedures, and medication, in text seamlessly.
  • Natural Language Processing solutions grasp clinical concept context, handling negation nuances for accurate processing.
  • Deep learning-based approaches link to SNOMED and ICD-10, normalising free text to clinical ontologies.

Structured data generation

  • Transform unstructured text into structured, actionable data with processed, coded outputs.
  • Generate data compatible with applications, analytics, and reporting for streamlined information utilisation.
  • Leverage NLP for cohort-finding, revealing insights hidden in textual information for population health and personalised care.

Algorithm suite and management

  • Access a suite of established risk scores, predictive models, and rules-based tools for informed decisions.
  • Host and manage validated models in a versioned repository, simplifying deployment and maintenance.
  • Utilise a scalable runtime environment for data processing, supporting REST APIs and batch processing.

Governance and monitoring

  • Ensure long-term model accuracy and performance with robust governance and monitoring tools.
  • Manage algorithm lifecycle to retain accuracy and relevance throughout operational use.
  • Interpretable outputs: Deliver user-understandable model outputs, avoiding ‘black box’ issues with interpretable machine learning capabilities.

Integrate with workflows

  • Deploy algorithms securely to any system through standard APIs for seamless integration.
  • Support on-demand, batch, and streaming data processing methods for adaptability.
  • Provide meaningful outputs that resonate with users, ensuring practicality and usability

Intelligence Services

  • Engage with our top-tier data scientists for custom predictive models and detailed analyses.
  • Conduct discovery sprints to identify high-value problems and define data science use cases.
  • Receive guidance on algorithm governance implementation, ensuring a robust practice within your organisation.
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