Orion Health Amadeus Care Pathways

Building patient care workflows across the healthcare continuum

Amadeus Care Pathways provides the clinical, administration and patient-focused tools that are required to manage and optimise the care of patients. 

The scope of possible solutions ranges from simple, local clinical workflows to the management of chronic care patients being treated across multiple providers. Care Pathways can manage patients as part of basic clinical workflows through to chronic condition patients with complex care requirements.


Why you'll love our tech

Leverage care records
Standardise processes

Reduce hospital admissions
Bring the care team together
Treat patients at the right place and time
Organise complete care models


Value our tech delivers

Pathway designs

Design clinical pathways using two tools including the Pathway Designer, which allows administrators to design simple pathways, and Business Process Management, which allows administrators to design more complex pathways and schedule tasks.

Pathway management and permissions

Care providers (or systems) can enrol patients on to pathways, track and manage required activities, and track the progress of outcomes for patients. Pathways can be restricted so only specific groups of users can perform actions on a particular pathway.

Task management

Patient-centric task list management features include: visibility of outstanding and upcoming tasks across disciplines of patient care, customised views to show historical tasks for the patient and filtering options, and grouping task lists by due date or pathway enrolments.

Form controls and customisation

Forms provides a wide range of controls to enable fast and accurate entry, and completion of clinical or administrative information. The form designer allows administrators to create, search for, and maintain forms and form components, with the ability to create, save, and modify forms before formal publication. 

Display captured form data

Care Pathways data and events can be used with other Orion Health products to contribute to a concise longitudinal patient record. Clinical Portal generic search and document tree functionality can be used to view data and documents. Summary and overview pathway information can be displayed on dashboards to provide fast access to information and actions for pathway and task management.

Data repository

Data captured using Care Pathways forms is stored in the data repository as well as in a purpose-built reporting database. Shared form components can be configured to store their data in a common location which can be easily queried making it easy to leverage Business Intelligence tools to report on document usage, including individual fields. 


Care Pathways provides a number of APIs that can be used in conjunction with other Orion Health products to integrate Care Pathways data and actions into a wider solution. The APIs provide the following types of messages: task eEvents, pathway events and document saves. 

Non-functional features

Care Pathways contains standard features that allow for a variety of deployment scenarios: auditing, internationalisation, clustering and web-based interface. 

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