Enterprise Hospital Information System

A functionally rich, fully integrated hospital information solution supporting the delivery of optimised healthcare.

Orion Health Enterprise is a comprehensive, fully integrated hospital management system that seamlessly connects systems and departments across an entire hospital.

Deliver high-quality outcomes, cost effectively

With constrained resources, increasing system complexities, ongoing reforms and heightened customer expectations, hospitals need systems that evolve and adapt to the ever-changing demands of their clients and health authorities.  

Seamlessly connecting information across systems and departments is also crucial for clinicians to make informed decisions and deliver meaningful treatment plans. Every clinician involved in patient care needs actionable information in real time in order to deliver high-quality outcomes, cost effectively.

Orion Health’s fully integrated hospital information system helps automate processes, increase patient flow, reduce duplication and improve patient safety through faster and more efficient sharing and reuse of information. 

Why you’ll love our tech

Providing a modern platform to support growing health ecosystems.

Designed for users

With pre-configured best practice workflows, an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to customise the solution, our HIS is designed specifically for the individuals using it. With seamless integration across disparate sources, Enterprise enables users to access information instantaneously on web or handheld devices.

Multi-site enabled

Enterprise provides multi-site functionality that allows for the deployment of a single instance across multiple sites or facilities. The solution seamlessly connects between legacy and third-party health systems, and can be easily customised at an organisational or an individual level.

Unified view of patient information

Enterprise seamlessly connects systems and departments to allow clinicians to capture, store, retrieve and view a single longitudinal electronic patient medical record from any location. Through integration with multiple data sources, the Clinical Record sits on top of other technology to gather rich clinical data that can be updated instantaneously in a single web-based system.

Experience value quickly

Enterprise enables fully integrated hospital operations at a fraction of the cost of other leading international vendors. Implemented using a rapid approach, our solutions can be delivered as a complete system or as individual modules, so key functionalities can be delivered immediately to help hospitals and health systems realise value quickly.

Connects systems and departments

Enterprise is delivered with a high-performing interoperability platform built specifically for healthcare. With HL7® FHIR® capabilities for the robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of health data, Enterprise can seamlessly connect legacy and third-party systems, regardless of technology or standards, and acquire the dedicated functionality they require.

Solve organisational inefficiencies

Enterprise provides a fully integrated set of tools to ensure the smooth management of operations across clinics, acute and ambulatory care. With the automation of key processes and the ability to manage resources across departments, organisations can gain insights into performance and ensure resources are being allocated effectively, lowering costs and maintaining quality of care.

Flexible and scalable

We understand that not all healthcare organisations are built the same. As well as possessing a pre-configured best practice solution, Enterprise offers flexible workflows to support various scenarios and ensure the most optimal operation for your organisation. The solution is also highly scalable; modules can be purchased individually and added over time as an organisation’s needs evolve.


Supporting international healthcare, Enterprise is built to serve multiple countries and cross-border organisations. Being fully Unicode compliant means Enterprise is ready for deployment in the most complex multilingual environments.


Realise value quickly with our technology.

Clinical Record

  • Comprises a suite of modules that enables the consolidation, creation and management of clinical information across an organisation
  • Provides a single view of up-to-date, patient-centric information

Patient Administration System

  • Highly customisable to enable healthcare organisations to deliver optimum workflows for their unique requirements. 
  • Facilitates ongoing process improvements and the reduction of waiting times, improving patient experience.

Departmental Management

  • Manage the flow of information and scheduling of resources across wards, outpatient, emergency and surgical departments. 
  • Information can be quickly created, viewed and managed for all members involved in patient care, ensuring optimal use of resources.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Highly flexible revenue cycle management solution encompassing a range of capabilities for full patient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).
  • Includes patient finance, claims management, inventory management, clinician fee reimbursement and third-party ERP integration.
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