Creating a seamless experience from pre-admission to post-discharge

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What if there was a way to enable a paperless patient journey, increase adoption of digital tools and provide a seamless experience from pre-admission to post-discharge for patients and care teams?

Orion Health Hospitals provides a feature rich, fully integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) for optimised healthcare, unburdening clinicians and freeing up invaluable resources. 

What sets us apart?

Our HIS is a modular, best-of-breed and open modern application designed specifically for healthcare to simplify administrative processes and clinical workflows.

Proven for patients and clinicians

Co-designed with health practitioners

Modular and affordable

Scalable and flexible

Why you’ll love our tech

Facilitating a smooth hospital experience for administrators, clinicians and patients, ensuring timely actions, preventing expensive readmissions and reducing wait times.

Optimise hospital administration
Reduce paper processes
Hopsitals_category_benefits_Enhance patient experience
Enhance patient experience
Increase organisational efficiencies
Streamline clinical workflows
Improve clinical safety
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Deployed with speed, our solution achieves results within months — whether as a comprehensive HIS or individual modules — so that hospitals realise value quickly.

Clinical PORTAL

View unified patient data

Patient Administration

Support seamless patient flow

Surgical Management

Streamline surgical bookings

Revenue Cycle Management

Flexible financial management

Results Viewer

View labs and radiology results


Consolidated view of patient medications


Capture vitals at the bedside

Problem List

View patient health status


Diagnostic & imaging ordering

Forms & Progress Notes

Capture information digitally


Digitally display vital information

Patient Engagement

Engage patients in their care

What can it include?

Clinical Workstation

  • A feature-rich, desktop and mobile solution that provides a comprehensive electronic patient record and a suite of clinical applications for best practice workflows. 

  • Applications include digital patient notes, medications, checklists, bedside monitoring of vital signs and more.

Patient Administration

  • Consolidates information across systems, and allows users to record relevant demographic information, book appointments and track patient activity. 
  • The processing of patients from registration, to referral, waiting list, admission and transfers is optimised to improve the flow of the patient through the system.


  • Empower patients to take the right steps in their care by digitising the referral, planning, booking, pre-admission, and admission forms processes.

  • Easily capture and report on PREMS and PROMS feedback for continuous service improvement.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Encompasses a range of capabilities for full patient Revenue Cycle Management to support authorisations, billing and invoicing, claims management and inventory management. 

  • This overall financial management solution enables a current, consolidated view of the financial health of a hospital at any point in time.

Referral Management

  • Supports healthcare organisations by providing referral eTriage and eConsult communication capabilities through a trusted electronic referral solution.

  • Care teams can immediately view relevant referral information, reduce duplication and errors, and better plan healthcare services.

Surgical Management

  • Delivers full theatre management functionality to enable efficiencies across theatres, staff, equipment and materials through a combination of scheduling, resource schedules, utilisation and perioperative management tools.

  • Integration with Revenue Cycle Management ensures accurate transfer of all details necessary to support the billing of all patient episodes.

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