Amadeus Digital Health Record

Platform for child milestone tracking

Improving the health outcomes of every child

Orion Health’s Amadeus Child Health Information Platform (CHIP) is a digital health solution that tracks each child’s progress and collates siloed health information into a single integrated dataset. 

What is a Child Health Information Platform (CHIP) and why do you need it?

Children from birth to six years old are entitled to many universal health checks that monitor 30 key milestones, which enable children to have a healthy development.

The Child Health Information Platform creates a single longitudinal record that follows each child regardless of their location, making it easier to contact children who don’t have a GP or those missing milestone checks. CHIP plays a crucial role in closing data gaps by ensuring the automatic enrollment of all children into the platform via the local birth registration authority.  

Not only does CHIP aid in early interventions, but it ensures every child receives universal health services and that no child is left behind, especially those in vulnerable communities and remote regional locations.

Why you’ll love our tech

Ensuring no child is left behind

One single record for each child

Offers a single comprehensive view across all of a child’s milestones and services, enabling early detection of care gaps, and supporting the sharing of relevant information at key transition points between providers.

Greater transparency and improved targeting

Increased information-sharing between service providers allows for improved targeting and increased primary care enrollment rates and access to services.

Privacy and security by design

Privacy and security are embedded into the platform, which protects the appropriate sharing of information between providers using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Automatic enrolment of children into the platform

All children are enrolled in the CHIP platform via Maternity File or National Health Index (NHI) feed, making it simple to identify and connect with children who are missing a GP or a Well Child Provider.

Easily track and support vulnerable groups

Enables community and healthcare services to better track, reach and support vulnerable groups in order to improve access to and uptake of universal health services.

Regional consistency and inter-regional collaboration

CHIP is a cloud-first platform capable of handling the data for all children, and its inter-regional collaboration makes it simpler to track the movement of those children and families back and forth between regions.


Support equitable health outcomes with our technology

Clinical Portal

  • A secure web-based solution that provides clinicians with tools to support patient care by integrating disparate information systems
  • A single view of all patient data in one place
  • Unified interface to access and view a longitudinal patient health record

Care Pathways

  • Provides clinical, administration and patient-focused tools to manage and optimise patient care 
  • Enables management of simple, local clinical workflows to chronic care patients being treated across multiple providers

Collaborative Worklists

  • Patient management tool that supports effective and efficient clinical workflow within the Digital Health Record
  • Enhances clinical workflow by removing the need for paper patient lists and spreadsheets
  • Facilitates better collaboration between care teams and ensures that no patient falls through the cracks, no task is left undone, and errors are minimised

Digital Front Door

Orion Health’s Digital Front Door is an omni-channel consumer engagement platform that integrates tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management.

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