Amadeus Digital Care Record

Referral Management

Streamline your referrals and improve patient care with our advanced referral management solution

Supporting the receipt, creation, triage and transfer of electronic referrals, establishing living documents for safe and rapid transition of care.


Improving the healthcare experience for all

The Orion Health Amadeus Referral Management solution supports healthcare organisations by providing referral eTriage and eConsult communication capabilities through a trusted electronic referral solution, for use both within the hospital and across the whole community. 

With Referral Management, the healthcare provider can immediately view relevant referral information, reduce duplication and errors, and better plan the allocation of healthcare services.

Why you’ll love our tech

Supporting global healthcare organisations for over 30 years

Improve the quality of the referral process

Enhance patient outcomes and increase satisfaction by improving the quality of your referral process.

Trace and audit referrals with explicit traceability

Ensure compliance and improve patient safety by tracking and auditing your referrals with our referral management solution, which provides explicit traceability at every step of the process.

Improve long-term cost benefits

Maximise your ROI and achieve long-term cost benefits with our referral management solution, which streamlines processes, reduces administrative burden, and improves patient outcomes.

Enable timely access to patient referrals

Facilitate seamless patient transition of care and improve patient outcomes by streamlining the referral process.

Streamline patient transition of care

Improve patient access to care and optimize provider workflows by enabling timely access to patient referrals.

Improve management of referrals

Optimise the management of your referrals and enhance provider satisfaction with our advanced referral management solution, designed to simplify workflows and improve patient outcomes.


Build your healthcare solution with our technology

Clinical Workstation

  • A secure web-based solution that provides clinicians with a single electronic health record for each patient across an entire health ecosystem
  • Integrate a configurable suite of applications for best practice workflows accessible via a patient summary dashboard.

Digital Front Door

  • A consumer engagement platform that integrates healthcare information, tools and services to reimagine the patient experience. 
  • Streamline patient admissions by digitising the referral, planning, booking, pre-admission, and admission forms processes.

Private hospital modules

  • Patient Administration System for optimised hospital administrative functions. 
  • Surgical Management including scheduling, utilisation and perioperative management tools. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management for patient finance, claims management, inventory management, clinician fee reimbursement and third-party ERP integration. 
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Reimagine the healthcare experience for all